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Here at Daisychain, we have a very bespoke selection of highly skilled, experienced and caring Maternity Practitioners who specialise in newborn and overnight care and who cover all areas of the UK. Please do get in touch with us for a no obligation chat or if you would like further information on how a Maternity Nurse or Night Nanny can help you - we'd be delighted to assist you at this special time with your new addition!

Do I need a Maternity Nurse, Maternity Nanny or a Night Nanny?


Maternity Nurse

A Maternity Nurse usually works 24hrs a day (with a 3-4 hour rest break each 24hr period) for 4-6 days a week. They are not usually medically trained, despite the name, though some will have a nursing or paediatric background. Maternity Nurses are usually highly experienced and trained in Maternity and Postnatal care to provide the highest possible care for you and your new addition. They often have specialist knowledge on subjects such as feeding, reflux, multiples, postnatal depression and sleep issues. This option is an excellent choice for first time parents who need lots of guidance, or second (or third!) time parents who are well aware of the need to be as well rested and supported as possible in the early weeks and months after baby’s arrival. 

Maternity Nurses are usually booked for between 6-12 weeks duration and are often booked well in advance!

Expect to pay between £250 - £350 per 24hrs (dependent on experience), and around £300-£400+  per 24hrs for twins/triplets.


Maternity Nanny

A Maternity Nanny will be experienced with newborn babies and usually will have many years nannying experience but may not work for 24 hour periods, or may not hold specific Maternity Practitioner certification. However, many do. They are sometimes a more cost effective solution for families who perhaps don’t feel the need for 24 hour specialist support, and who may want to book in a few regular days and nights a week in the early months to get settled in with their new baby, and know they will need some extra support and a chance to rest while the Maternity Nanny cares for the baby as well as gain professional advice on how to care for and enjoy their new addition!

Expect to pay £16-20 per hour dependent on experience, extra for multiples (£20-25 per hour as a rough guide)


Some Maternity Nurses and Maternity Nannies will just work days, or nights, or a mixture of the two, offering ultimate flexibility.


Night Nanny

A Night Nanny usually comes to your home from 9pm until 7am (hours can be flexible if required - dependent on Nanny) and cares for your baby through the night. This is a fantastic option for sleep deprived parents who want to know their baby is in great hands while they catch up on some desperately needed sleep!


Night Nannies can usually be booked at relatively short notice and can work between 1-6 nights a week (dependent on their availability)

Expect to pay between £15-18 per hour dependent on experience, extra for multiples (£20-25 per hour as a rough guide)



Maternity Nurse/Maternity Nanny/Night Nanny duties include:


  • All care related to baby including feeding, winding, resettling and changing nappies.

  • Assisting with breastfeeding and resettling if Mum is feeding baby herself

  • Sterilising all equipment if bottle feeding and pumps if Mum is expressing (daytime roles only, though if baby is asleep when a Night Nanny arrives, they will often catch up with the sterilising and prepare bottles for the night, and leave bottles used overnight washed and sterilised in the morning)

  • Advising on routines, feeding and general baby care as needed

  • Sleep shaping and creating a workable schedule (where applicable)

  • Maintain daily/nightly log sheets or app entries that will track feeding times, amounts nappy changes etc



Daytime roles, all of the above plus:


  • General support of new parents assisting with the transisiton to parenthood including demonstrating and helping with bathing baby, establishing feeding, making up feeds correctly, sterilising, sharing winding and settling techniques, swaddling, and more.

  • Dressing baby for the day

  • Ensuring the new Mum is getting adequate rest and eating well

  • Baby’s laundry and keeping the nursery organised, clean and tidy

  • Daily walks in the pram for fresh air where possible

  • Advising on reflux, feeding issues, PND and sleep (Maternity Nurses and Maternity Nannies are usually highly experienced and trained in these specialist subjects)