Nanny Profiles

Below are details* of just a few of our wonderful registered nannies who are  looking for their next lovely family to work with - please get in touch on 01494 623103 or email if you would like to consider any of them for your role!

*Please note, for data protection reasons, nannies names are not displayed and all images used are stock photos.

Image by Shirota Yuri

Loves getting creative and arty

Nanny S

Nanny S has worked as a private Nanny for various Daisychain families since 2013 but also has a wealth of experience working within educational settings, focusing on SEN provision as well as teaching English as a second language and running art focused children’s parties.

“I love my work as a nanny, I really do! I’ve worked with children since my first child was born in 1990. I then went on to have another 3 children of my own (now all grown up) - working with children all the time. It’s my calling. Every day is an opportunity to develop, enhance, inspire children’s imagination with your wisdom and knowledge.


I create fun Fridays where my charges choose a country, they research that country and tell us about it. Then we cook food from that country. We are also making homemade Christmas crackers at the moment, 20 of them for all the relatives that my charges won’t be able to see this Christmas. They’ve written a note inside each one along with funny little gifts and we’ve put a banger inside. The outside is decorated with tissue paper, glitter pipe cleaners, stars and jewels. They were so proud last week when we finished them.


I love to be hands on, muck in and show emotion, yet be firm when needed and show boundaries. I’ve loved every placement I’ve had and I’d do it all again in a heart beat.“


Nanny S is currently available for ad hoc short daytime bookings (between approx 10am-2pm), short term temporary/proxy parenting bookings, and evening babysitting.

Image by Leo Rivas

Loves getting creative and arty

Nanny L

Nanny L has 17 years of experience as a nanny and has been described by previous employers that we spoke to as 'sweet and kind' with a 'huge affinity to care' and 'always reliable, she will never let you down'.

Nanny L says: 'Children inspire me ! And as my chosen career, caring for all ages has also taught me a lot too. How to be patient honest and caring and to appreciate each other with respect and learn to become confident.


I have two grown up children of my own. I have had many roles and am able to adapt to any family!'


Nanny L is able to offer ad hoc hours most week day afternoons, all day Fridays and some Saturdays. 

Image by Marisa Howenstine

Loves teaching, and the great outdoors

Nanny P

Nanny P is a diligent, committed and highly trained nanny with a strong focus on early education and learning, and getting out into the great outdoors with little ones!


“Hello, I have been working professionally with children and families for 14 years and before I started working with families, I completed my Montessori training and worked in a Montessori classroom setting for four years. 


I discovered when I first began working with families that I have a passion for child-education and development within the home. I have always held as true that the home is a child’s most important source of education. The two main reasons for this in my mind are, first a child receives most of their “Life Education” from home. I feel society has and still can underestimate the supreme importance of this. The second reason is connected to the first, in that the child learns what type of attitude to “take to life”. A positive, friendly “I can” attitude will serve them the most in life.


Whilst working with various families and children from many different cultural backgrounds, I discovered that I had a talent for connecting with very young children and working with them and achieving things most people don’t realise is possible! – When you capture a child’s interest, they realise they can do amazing things! I really enjoy working with families who value these skills.


I also share most children’s passion for nature and “The Great Outdoors”. I find that children love to take care of this planet by recycling and show keen enthusiasm for the task when you show them how. The important benefit here to them is knowing that they are contributing to a “higher course”. This really enables them to feel like a valued contributing member of their local community.”


Nanny P is ideally looking for a full time permanent role with a family, but is happy to consider temporary roles whilst looking!